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Some of my projects

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Scalable Design System

As a team lead, I helped refactor and scale a design system used by hundreds of product designers and developers to multiple target platforms over the course of a full year.
I was heavily involved in all aspects of growing and maintaining the various component and pattern libraries, including:

  • Setting up a robust architecture of interdependent libraries;
  • Creating and maintaining semantic design tokens;
  • Building and documenting complex, theme-able component variant groups;
  • Enforcing WCAG accessibility criteria;
  • Training and supporting a large, distributed design team about features and best practices;
  • Building private Figma plugins to address unique challenges;

Design SystemUI / UX DesignProject leadMobileWebMobilityDevelopment
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Digital Anti-Depressants

In a small, cross-disciplinary team, we created an MVP to treat mental health conditions.
The challenge was to package a very technical solution into a state-of-the-art mobile experience that helps users build habits and improve their wellbeing.
To comply with regulatory and scientific constraints, we needed to help our users understand medical concepts, make exhaustive surveys become both engaging and digestible, and visualize trends.
In addition to work on the product itself, I expanded their visual brand and identity for the context of a mobile app.

UI / UX DesignHealthcareBrandingMobileData VisualizationClient Communication
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Figma Plugins

Extending the functionality of the tool I use professionally on a daily basis has grown to become a passion of mine. I give back to the community by identifying and filling gaps in the existing ecosystem, all while learning and practicing interesting technologies.
My plugins address niche topics that empower their users to efficiently craft designs that are polished in every detail.

DevelopmentJavaScriptSvelteUI / UX DesignPersonal Project
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baupal created a platform which empowers home-owners by simplifying otherwise overly bureaucratic and expensive processes.
Together with a design strategist, I helped our client traverse the entire design process in less than aweek.
My role was to assist in facilitating various workshops and generating ideas that would best serve their users, while also turning our them into a high fidelity prototype. The prototype was used for usability testing and consequently iterated, in order to reflect ourlearnings and insights.

Property TechnologyUI / UX DesignDesign SprintWebPrototype
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Virtual Assistant

University project exploring gender-neutral, multi-modal conversational user interfaces.
Feature concepts were developed based on semi-structured interviews and extensive literature research as well as benchmarking of current best practivces.
The final prototype was built using vue.js rather than existing no-code prototyping tools to implement functional voice interactions and visual details like spring animations and supperelliptical corner radii.

ThesisUI / UX DesignVoice UIHigh Fidelity PrototypeUser ResearchVueAnimationGender